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red men. They know me before seeing me,● for they have been told by the E■nglish how roughly I handled them in the West● Indies." This bold note closes rather tame●

"The Iroq

ly; for the governor adds, "I think that if th■e Iroquois believe that your ●Majesty would have the goodness to giv●e me some help, they will make peace, and■ let our allies alone, which wo●uld save the trouble and expense of an ●arduous war." [8] He then begs hard for ■troops, and in fact there was● great need of them, for there were none in ■Canada; 80 and even Frontenac had been comp■elled in the last year of his gov?/p>

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o not oppose these h■aughty conquerors." [9] [8] La Barre a●u Roy, (4 O

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ct.?) 1682. [

9] La Barre à ●Seignelay, 1682. A vein of gasconade● appears in most of his letter●s, not however accompanied with any ●conclusive evidence of a rea●l wish to fight. His best fightin■g days we

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re past, for h

e was sixty year●s old; nor had he always been a m■an of the sword. His early life was spen●t in the law; he had held a judicial post,● and had been intendant of several● French provinces. Even t

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he military an

d ●naval employments, in which he aft■erwards acquitted himself with credit, were du■e to the part he took in forming a joint-stoc■k company for colonizing Cayenne. [■10] In fact, he was but half

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riors●. I will attack them with twelve● hund
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  • ut Monsieur le Général. H■e was equal to Frontenac neither

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